Successful Acceptance of Standardization Pilot Construction Project of DDTOP Group in Liaoning Province


On October 19, 2023, an expert evaluation team led by the Liaoning Provincial Market Technology Supervision Bureau, Liaoning Provincial Expert Group, Dandong City Market Technology Supervision Bureau, and the Cooperation Zone Market Technology Supervision Bureau jointly conducted the final acceptance of the “Establishment and Implementation of Differential Pressure Flow Measurement and Flow Element Standard System” project undertaken by our company. After surveying the operation site, listening to work reports, and reviewing relevant materials, the pilot project has successfully passed acceptance. The “Establishment and Implementation of Differential Pressure Flow Measurement and Flow Element Standard System” project is the first batch of provincial equipment manufacturing standardization pilot projects in Liaoning Province. Since the pilot construction began in 2021, the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has taken the creation of provincial standardization pilot projects as a carrier, fully playing the role of market supervision departments, and conducting standardization business knowledge training through multiple in-depth assistance and guidance to enterprises, Organize pilot construction units to carry out exchanges and other means to provide support for the construction of pilot projects, improve the professional level of enterprise standardization workers, fully leverage the guidance and support of standardization for the development of equipment manufacturing industry, and help enterprises combine independent innovation technology with standards.

At the acceptance meeting, Mrs. Zhang Yiding, the general manager of DDTOP Group, and the project leader, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, reported and introduced the effectiveness and experience of enterprise standard management, standard information services, and standard application, which was highly praised by the attending leaders and experts. Through the construction of this standardization demonstration project, the group has built and continuously optimized the standardization system of the enterprise information platform, improved the standardization management system, strengthened the supervision and assessment mechanism of standardization work and the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, and significantly improved the digitalization level of enterprise standards. After the meeting, the expert group members visited the workshop of the company and observed the application effectiveness of standardization on the enterprise information platform on site, leaving a deep impression on the leaders and experts attending the meeting and praising the transformation work of enterprise standardization implementation.

DDTOP Group has passed the final acceptance of the standardization pilot project, which means that the standards, quality, and technological innovation level of enterprise manufacturing have reached a certain level, and it has possessed certain strength, improving the core competitiveness of “DDTOP Manufacturing”.


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