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We use our many years of experience in product service to solve difficult problems at our customers' sites, improve product efficiency, reduce costs and significantly increase the return on investment for our customers.

Professional team with more than 30 qualified personnel for operation and maintenance.

DDTOP operation and maintenance service team is a strong team of professional O&M experts.

  • Dedicated on-site instrumentation service engineers (12 people)
  • Inspection and repair specialists (3 people)
  • Functional safety system assessment specialists (2 people)
  • Instrument function and maintenance instructors (3 people)

Reference (Some operation and maintenance service statistics)

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Over the years, we have won the honor of being the excellent supplier of annual maintenance and excellent contractor of maintenance and renovation for CNPC and Sinopec.

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No.10 Huanghai Street, Dandong, Liaoning, China.118000
400 Toll-free Service Hotline 400-66-36524


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