Great Success for Overseas Business Department-A Big Order from Schlumberger


In August 2021, the Overseas Business Department successfully won its first order from Schlumberger, the largest international oil service company, after almost two months of hard work. The project involved was a water injection project for the HAIL oil field and the products included Rotameter. The recognition of the products in the world of instrumentation, the mutual cooperation of the staff of the department, each time the project won the tender has made the enterprise more focused on doing a good job on the products. In the face of the epidemic, the Overseas Business Department staff opened their online office mode to respond to customer emails within 24 hours, handle customer enquiries in a timely manner, strengthen communication and coordination with customers, and take the initiative to follow up on market developments. The harvest of international orders is not only the creation of economic value, but also the release of the message that international business is steadily improving. The breakthrough of this order is a milestone for our business, laying a solid foundation for us to further develop the international market.

DDTOP Group was established in 1992, nearly 30 years of development, the products have been throughout the domestic petroleum and petrochemical multi-industry fields and increasingly highlighted the stability of quality.
In recent years, foreign markets have become another development opportunity for DDTOP to focus on. Every year DDTOP will send representatives to participate in the United States OTC, Canada GPS, Germany Hannover Messe and other large international exhibitions to expand the influence of enterprise products in foreign countries, products so far have been exported to many foreign countries oil companies, which, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company of the United Arab Emirates in 2019 ordered the rotameter products are well recognized and affirmed by the industry. V-cone flow meter, wedge type flow meter, with more and more products for the international market, DDTOP has great performance and influence in the international petroleum and petrochemical instrumentation field.


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