DDTOP Group Attendance at Xiamen International Fair for Investment & Trade


On 8th -9th September 2021, Ms Zhang Yiding, General Manager of DDTOP Group, attended the 21st China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) in Xiamen with a delegation from Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Commerce, representing Liaoning’s outstanding industrial enterprises. CIFIT is the only international investment promotion event in China that aims to promote two-way investment, and it is also the largest investment exhibition in the world certified by the UFI. The theme of the fair is “Bringing in” and “Going out”, and the main feature is “New Opportunities for International Investment under the New Development Pattern”.

In this fair, Zhang Yiding, General Manager of DDTOP Group, participated in the event “Sino-US Provincial and State Green Low-carbon Cooperation Seminar and Matchmaking Meeting” held during the conference, and reached preliminary cooperation intention with instrumentation enterprises from Indonesia, Thailand, Oman, Algeria and other parts of the world on the production cooperation of level instrumentation. This fair is the cornerstone for enterprises to successfully connect with international manufacturing partners, and the government’s strong support and optimized business environment are the cornerstones of enterprises’ success.


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