Bureau Veritas Issues SIL2 Certificates to DDTOP Group


On November 21st, Bureau Veritas Group awarded Dandong Top Electronics Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd (UHC/MLT/MTF/UQD products) a Functional Safety SIL2 certificate. Chairman, Vice General Manager,Director of R&D Center, as well as Mr. Zhong, Director of Bureau Veritas Industrial Products Technology Center, Mr. Wei, Functional Safety Manager, and Ms. Wang, Sales Manager, Participated in this certification ceremony with the main members of both teams.

At the certification ceremony, Mr. Zhang, Chairman of DDTOP Group, warmly welcomed the arrival of the BV team and expressed sincere gratitude for the sincere cooperation and pursuit of efficiency and mutual benifit between the two teams. He fully recognized the long-standing cooperation between the two sides and stated that DDTOP Group has conducted research and work in the field of functional safety very early, and has established a very excellent functional safety culture to date, This time, DDTOP Group’s UHC/MLT/MTF/UQD products have obtained the Functional Safety SIL2 level certificate, showing DDTOP Group’s existing functional safety culture and professional capabilities.

Mr. Zhong, Director of the Industrial Product Technology Center of BV Group, stated that the products produced by DDTOP Group have passed the functional safety SIL2 certification, indicating that the company has the technical capability to design and manufacture products that meet international functional safety standards. We are sincerely pleased with the achievements of DDTOP Group. Through close cooperation and active cooperation, both parties have brought a positive demonstration effect to the industry. We believe that under the guidance of a good functional safety culture, the future will inevitably see rapid development.


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