Annual Party-2024 and Outstanding Employee Commendation Conference of DDTOP Group Has Come to a Successful Conclusion


There is always a special ceremony that tells us that a new year has begun. On February 2nd, the annual party-2024 and Outstanding Employee Commendation Conference of DDTOP Group, with the theme of “Longteng Huaxia Craftsmanship DDTOP”, arrived as scheduled. Chairman and General Manager of DDTOP Group, group leaders, and more than 300 group employees gathered together to review the unforgettable year of 2023 and imagine the promising future of 2024, giving new meaning to dreams and goals.

This year, we have the feeling of hard work, the satisfaction we have gained, and the surprises of reform and innovation. Looking back on 2023, despite the economic downturn, DDTOP continued to develop steadily and healthily. This year, DDTOP Group has taken “continuous improvement and quality management” as its core, continuously upgrading its management capabilities, actively exploring, daring to explore, and enhancing its core competitiveness.

Annual party kicked off in the speech of the general manager. The General Manager summarized the achievements of 2023 and the direction of 2024’s efforts, and stated that although the global economy remained sluggish in 2023, DDTOP Group actively adjusted its development strategy in this context, laying a solid foundation for DDTOP Group’s comprehensive acceleration with the strong advantage of focusing on the “DDTOP brand”. Looking ahead to 2023, let’s join hands and work together to achieve the development goals of company. Let’s accumulate knowledge and make progress!

In 2023, DDTOP accelerated its development through change, accumulated momentum through improvement, and achieved historic highs in all indicators, gathering momentum and integrating cohesion. The glory of enterprise takeoff comes from the diligent dedication of all colleagues, and the ideals of striving for beauty are condensed into vivid and particularly moving colors. On the road to soaring towards the sunshine, every effort will be remembered, and the monument of achievements is engraved with the name of each contributor. It is an important moment to recognize and commend outstanding employees, managers, and teams for their outstanding achievements, and to inspire all colleagues. They have just joined the post-00s generation and experienced employees who have been with the company for over 20 years. They each perform their duties and shine in different positions. They are the driving force for the company’s future growth!

The opening dance conveys the joyful atmosphere of unity, harmony, and celebration of DDTOP Group’s holiday; Classical dance, modern dance, song solo, band performance, and experiments at the technical center demonstrated the physical principles of our company’s products through performance. In the venue, laughter and applause were incessant. The annual party reached its climax with the chorus of middle-level managers, presenting us with a magnificent visual feast.

Finally, in the blessing speech of chairman, the 2024 DDTOP Group Annual Party and Outstanding Employee Commendation Conference came to a successful conclusion.

Inheritance in growth, clarity in the future. Adhering to our beliefs and moving forward with great strides, DDTOP Group has crossed the year 2023 and made great strides towards the flourishing spring of 2024. Today’s party is a commendation meeting, a dream chasing meeting, an empowerment meeting, and more importantly.

A new chapter has begun, and we firmly believe that sweat is respect for results, and hard work will surely yield rewards. And the hard work of these hundreds of DDTOP employees has gathered into the spiritual torch of DDTOP Group, illuminating the way forward and shining the future.


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