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Corporate Culture

Over the past three decades, DDTOP Group has been focusing on the research and development, design and manufacturing of automation instruments. Providing customers with safe and reliable instruments is the common vision of DDTOP staff, and we have never stopped on this road.


The target customer of DDTOP Group is the high demand automation control safety production needs of the petroleum, chemical and electric power industries, the attributes of the industry comes with a great responsibility for safety production. For many days and nights, they have been tossing and turning, unable to sleep, repeatedly comparing environmental requirements and product requirements, not daring to slacken at any time, because the slightest mistake could be a huge safety accident, bringing irreparable pain to themselves and others.

Therefore, to provide our customers with highly reliable safety products is to help them achieve engineering safety and create a sense of safety for them. We want to be a friend who understands customers' anxiety, a reliable partner who can work side by side, and a safety steward who can always guard them.

Our Mission

Serve the World
Works for a Safe World

DDTOP Group's mission is to serve the world of engineering works with safe automated control solutions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year lifecycle safety services, and to provide our customers with a sense of security closely follows them.

Every employee of DDTOP Group should bear in mind the mission of ensuring life safety, start from every detail, implement the awareness and concept of safety into every bit of action in work and life, take safety as the highest mission, and make safe products and services start from the heart and practice in action.

Our Vision

Become one of the world's leading chief safety experts in automation control

Since establishment in 1992, DDTOP Group has been learning from world-class products and approaching the highest international standards with a humble mindset, and has continuously accumulated experience in safety solutions in terms of product quality, production process, research and development capabilities and value-added service capabilities, which has won the trust of international customers. In the future, we will continue to innovate and forge ahead to meet the needs of our customers, and become the world's leading chief safety expert in automation control to bring higher value to our customers.

Our Values

Precise and Disciplined, Practical, Efficient, Trustworthy, Innovative


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