Company Profile

Dandong Top Electronics Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd (“DDTOP”) was established in 1992 and kept providing safe and reliable level and flow instrument products for process industry since then. Now it has become a leading level and flow instrumentation manufacturer of China and around world. DDTOP has committed to the goal of designing and manufacturing reliable instruments that keep the process industry’s operations safe.

Dandong Top Electronics Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd

DDTOP mainly provides products and solutions for the market, including level meters, flow meters, magnetic pumps, flow meter calibration facilities, loading and unloading systems, tank farm management systems, and industrial control systems.

Since its establishment 3 decades ago, DDTOP has always been committed to the mission of "to offer the safest automation and control products, to serve the projects around the word, and to build a safer world", and is committed to becoming the "chief automatic control safeguard" of customers. To this end, we are constantly approaching and transcending the world standard in terms of product quality, production process, technological innovation, value-added service capability, etc. We are constantly making breakthroughs in product performance and have obtained various international certifications related to safety in various countries around the world. To build "world-class safety" through continuous "upward" upgrading in all aspects.

DDTOP- Market and Industry Leader

DDTOP is leading in the industry. [Attached is the company performance] It is an excellent and qualified supplier of SINOPEC, CNPC, CNOOC, CHINA DATANG, CHINA SHENHUA, and CHINA GUODIAN for many years. Since its establishment, it has continuously served more than 3,500 customers, participated in nearly 500 major petrochemical projects, and fully participated in the refining projects of China's seven petrochemical bases.

In recent years, DDTOP has also made remarkable achievements in international projects, becoming the first Chinese instrument supplier to join the ADNOC, Qatar National Petroleum Corporation, and PETRONAS. It also became Técnicas Reunidas and Samsung Engineering Corporation (SECL), PETROFAC, CPECC, Saipem, Hyundai Engineering Corporation (HEC), Fluor, CTCI, Archirodon, Al Asab and other internationally renowned EPC companies' long-term global partners.

System security

DDTOP- Market and Industry Leader

DDTOP has a complete quality management system and product certifications, creating "world-class safety" from the management system.

DDTOP has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system, ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system, ATEX, IECEx, CSA explosion-proof quality management system, PED pressure vessel quality management system, SIL2/3 functional safety management system certification. The production process conforms to the special equipment manufacturing standards, and has obtained the first batch of "special equipment manufacturing license" issued by the special inspection Institute. At the same time, the company has set up the system management department, which has 4 national registered auditors of the whole system of ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO45001 to ensure the effective operation of the company's quality management system.

In 1997, DDTOP established the ISO9000 quality management system, and successfully passed the certification.

Under the guidance of PDCA's continuous improvement ideology, the quality management system has been continuously improved and has been operating effectively so far. The company’s production order release, product design output, raw material procurement, in-factory inspection, manufacturing process, factory inspection, delivery, after-sales service and other key processes throughout the product life cycle are all in accordance with the quality management system standards, in accordance with the quality policy and quality under the guidance of the target, strictly follow the four-tier system document guidance of quality manual, management standard, work instruction and process record. At the same time, the quality system also incorporates quality system management requirements related to explosion-proof, pressure vessel, and functional safety.

  • 01. ATEX / IECEx Management System

    In 2012, EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 and ISO/IEC 80079-34 requirements for explosion-proof quality management systems were added, which means that ATEX and IECEx certified products are guaranteed to comply with ISO 9000, as well as the relevant explosion-proof product standards and ATEX and IECEx requirements for the quality system of the manufacturer.

  • 02. PED

    In 2016, the requirements of PED2014/68/EU were added to ensure that PED products meet the requirements of the EU Pressure Vessel Directive PED2014/68/EU.

GB/T14001-2016 idt ISO14001:2015 Environment Management System
GB/T45001-2020 idt ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

In order to better manage the company’s environmental factors and hazards, improve environmental and occupational health and safety performance, implement environmental and occupational health and safety management system standard requirements, and have a profound impact on the development of social economy and the overall society, environmental protection and employees’ occupational health and safety significance. At all stages of the product life cycle, prevention or mitigation of the impact of harmful factors has been considered to help the company fulfill its compliance obligations and protect the environment and the occupational health and safety of employees.

technology security

Technology Guarantees Safety

DDTOP ensures "world class safety" with professional technology research and development.

In recent years, we have continuously invested in research and development and innovation, bringing our technical strength on par with the international advanced level and ensuring "world-class safety" with professional technology research and development.

Every year, the company's R & D investment accounts for more than 5% of sales. The technical center consists of comprehensive electrical laboratory, environmental laboratory, process laboratory, flow laboratory and other professional-level comprehensive R & D laboratory, with 3 sets of large automatic flow meter test device, 193 sets of various testing equipment / set, with technical parameters calculation software, 2D and 3D drawing software, process design software, structural mechanics analysis software and other software tools, to ensure product reliability and safety in the R & D process.

At present, our whole product line has ATEX certification of EU, IECEx certification of IEC, CSA certification of CSA applicable to Canada and USA, certification of Russian Customs Union; certification of pressure vessel has PED certification of EU, CRN certification of pressure vessel of Canada, EMC certification of electromagnetic compatibility, SIL2/3 grade function safety certification. In addition to the certification, DDTOP has established a strong team of engineers to ensure that the product design fully complies with international safety standards and to escort the safe use of the products by customers. Meanwhile, DDTOP is one of the earliest instrumentation companies in China to join the HART and FF Foundation, and all products support HART/FF protocol.

In 2013, DDTOP became the first domestic instrumentation enterprise whose products passed ATEX and IECEx international explosion-proof safety certification certified by TüV Rheinland, and in 2014, DDTOP became the first domestic instrumentation enterprise whose products passed PED pressure vessel certification certified by TüV Süd, and in 2015, DDTOP became the first domestic instrumentation enterprise whose products passed functional safety certification certified by BV (France), and in 2012, DDTOP became the first domestic instrumentation enterprise whose products passed PED pressure vessel certification certified by TüV Süd SIL2 rated instrumentation enterprises.

DDTOP has always adhered to the R&D strategy of developing independent brands and independent intellectual property rights. In 2008, DDTOP became the first batch of national high-tech enterprises in China. It has a provincial-level enterprise industrial design center and an enterprise technology center. It has applied for more than 100 national patents and participated in GB/T 13969-2008 and HG/T 5226-2017. , JB/T13252-2017, HG/T 4598-2014, GB/T30243-2013, GB/Z35140-2017, GB/Z 35588-2017, ISO5167 and other national and international standards. At the same time, it actively cooperates with Beihang University, Tianjin University, Tongji University, Jiangsu University, Eastern Liaoning University, Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known domestic institutes to build a first-class research and manufacturing base for level and flow meters at home and abroad.

There are nearly 70 engineering and technical R&D staff in the technical center, with professional PED, ASME, special inspection institute and classification society certified NDT engineers. The Group recruits undergraduates and postgraduates every year from famous universities such as Northeastern University, Jilin University, Dalian University of Technology, Tianjin University, etc. to enrich the R&D team and form a stable technical team.

Brand - DDTOP

DDTOP: Serve the World Works for a Safe World.

LOGO Interpretation

  • The brand color of DDTOP is bright orange. Orange is a safety color, so we call it "Safety Orange". Because orange is the most conspicuous color in low light, it is also the color of lifeguard and astronaut uniforms.
  • Orange is a mixture of red and yellow in the Chinese flag, which means that we are from China.
  • At the same time, orange represents health and vitality. In nature, the orange color in fruits and vegetables is produced by carotene. Carotene, a pigment, converts light energy from the sun into chemical energy that promotes growth, so orange is often associated with health, growth and flavor. Orange also represents vitality, joy and positive, enthusiastic energy, as well as company, active brain cells that stimulate creativity and innovation.
  • Finally, the color orange represents warmth. Orange is the color of the sunrise, a warm color that makes people feel at ease, and that is the feeling that DDTOP wants to convey to its customers.

DDTOP is a friend who understands customers' anxieties, a reliable partner who can work side by side, and a safe guard at all times.


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