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Dear friends from all walks of life:

Although the world is currently facing enormous tests and challenges in the history of human development, we firmly believe that our future is bright and that our efforts will be fruitful.

Over the past 28 years, we have gained the favor and appreciation of our customers through our experience in providing high-quality level meters and flow meters for the petrochemical industry, and we are sincerely proud and gratified. From the determination to make Chinese instruments into products dedicated to the world market to the brand-new goal we put forward today: "Highly Respect for Safety", all these are the manifestation of DDTOP Group's unswerving determination.

We are not discouraged by lowliness and not proud of growth. We always insist on innovation and research and development diligently, and every year we invest more than 8% of our sales revenue in research and development. At present, DDTOP has a number of level meter and flow meter that have reached or exceeded the technical level and quality of international advanced brands. We always adhere to the standard of advanced and modern management methods, our management system and management team have also evolved to become a world-class company. At the same time, DDTOP has also been recognized by many famous international oil and petrochemical companies, and become their excellent supplier.

In China, DDTOP is an excellent supplier for CNPC, SINOPEC and many petrochemical customers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers for their support and trust in us, which will be our inexhaustible motivation to move forward.

I know there are still many challenges and tests waiting for DDTOP, but our management and all the staff will certainly be brave and move forward to make the DDTOP brand live up to the expectations in the world market.

Chairman Address - Mr. Zhang Handi


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